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Dating with single Japanese woman

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Dating with single Japanese woman

If you meet a single Japanese woman and dating with them, what do you do?

Japanese woman A Japanese woman is the best Asian girl to date with, or even marry with. Because the majority of Japanese woman dedicate them self to pleasing a loved one.

Unlike other Asian girls, a Japanese woman is traditionally known as a woman who walk behind man.
This means that Japanese woman's job is to help mans.

But, to make them dedicating them self to you, you need to meet a single Japanese woman and date with them many times until they start to love you!!

Here we have the tips that you need to know when dating with a single Japanese woman.

They are very cautious at first dating.
So, you need to understand what they like, where they want to go for dating, and what sort of presents you have to give them.

Also you need to note that Japanese woman we are talking about here is not a Japanese girl.
Although they are young, but mid 20th ~ 30th Japanese young girls we are talking about here.

Where is the best place to take a single Japanese woman for dating?

Eating Japanese woman Do you know where you have to take a single Japanese woman when dating with here?

Unlike a very young Japanese girl, a Japanese woman, especially a single woman have a different outlook.
Do you have to spend a lot of money to please them?
No, you don'.
But, you need to care them. It means that you need to understand where they want to go.

Here is the list of the places to go for pleasing them:

  • Taking them for movie
  • Taking them for dining
  • Go for walk with pet for dating

Take Japanese woman for datingA lot of single Japanese women are interested in going to restaurant. So, you need to ask them "would you like to have a dinner with me?"

But, what sort of Japanese restaurant should you take?

Maybe, because they are Japanese woman, so, you may think that you should take them to a nice Japanese restaurant?

Uh... That's not really good idea.

You know, a single Japanese woman eat Japanese food almost everyday at home, or at lunch.

So, when dating with man, they expect to go for French, or Italian restaurant.

The majority of Japanese woman loves European foods, especially French.

How about taking Chinese or Korean BBQ, because you like?

That is a bad choice!
Although they taste good, and Japanese woman also like eating them, they care about smell. Because they are going for dating, you need to take a restaurant where it has an air of romance.

pet with Japanese womanYou also need to understand what the majority of Japanese woman like. Especially a single Japanese woman whose age is around mind 20s to 30s, they feel very lonely.

So they have a dog, or cat as a pet.

Thus, you need to show them that you love animals!

Well, if you don't like them.
Then, you need to find a Japanese woman who doesn't have a pet.

But, they normally do.

So, if you also have a dog as pet, go for walking with them. In this case, you can talk about dogs and can have a lively conversation.
Yet, for the first dating, we recommend you taking them to a nice restaurant for dating, rather than walking with dogs.


Don't think about any nasty thing for the first dating! Show your gentleness!

nude Japanese womanIf you seriously want going out with a Japanese woman, don't think about a nasty thing for the first dating!!

Show them your gentleness, and follow the following steps for the first time dating.

1. Take them to a nice Japanese restaurant.

2. Go for watching love comedy movie
(It is better to ask them what they want to watch)

3. See her off.

DO NOT ASK for going to a hotel from the first dating!!

I know that you want to make love with a Japanese woman as soon as possible. Yet, endure it!!

Because a lot of a single Japanese woman is cautious about man. If you ask for having sex with from the first time, they will think that's the purpose of going out with them.

So, if you seriously want to go out with a single Japanese woman, date with them couple of times, and then, ask for going out. After that, she is yours.




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