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Understanding Japanese school girls

Welcome Meet and date with Japanese girls or woman in Japan.
On this page, you will understand about type of Japanese school girls in Japan, categorizing high school and university.
If you also want to meet or date with Japanese school girls, understanding them is very important.
Understanding type of Japanese school girls
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Did you know that there are difference between Japanese high school girls and university girls?

The difference means such as:

  • What they follow
  • What they wear (fashion)
  • Who is their favorite Japanese models or Japanese idols are.

If you want to date or meet Japanese girls, understanding these differences is very important.
On this website, is mainly descrying two different Japanese school girls:

  • Japanese high school girls - Kou kou sei
  • Japanese university girls - dai gaku sei


Japanese high school girls follow 2 style of Japanese fashion styles

Japanese high school girls are very popular for Japanese men as well as Western men.
If you look around a place called Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan, you will find many Japanese high school girls. The majority of Japanese high school girls are normally dressed up with their own school uniform, "Ko Gal" looking, or "Ayu" looking.

Both "Ko Gal" looking and "Ayu" looking are a type of Japanese girls's fashion that many young Japanese girls follow.

Kouda kumi - Japanese singerKo Gal fashion style is historically started from the Japanese woman singer called Amuro Namie, who have diffuse "Amura" fashion around 1995 to 2000, but currently Amura fashion is out of date, and now Ero Kawa style is popular in Japan. Kou da kumi is a fashion leader for many Japanese high school girls currently, and her fashion is based on sexy and cute, which is Eroi and Kakoii. That's why Ero kawa (Ero Kawa is abbreviation of Eroi and Kakoii). Those Japanese girls are normally have a good tan on their skin, and wear very sexy clothing.

"Ayu" looking is influenced by a Japanese singer called Ayumi Hamazaki. She is still very popular in Japan for young Japanese school girls and evern Japanese woman, too.
Her style, Ayu looking, is based on cute, and pretty, when compared with Ko Gal looking.
Her song is very popular not only for Japanese girls but also for Japanese boys as well.


Japanese university school girls love Prawn Style called "Ebi Chan"??

On the other hand, the majority of Japanese high school girls start to change their fashion style when they start to go to a University in Japan.

Japanese idolNormally, they are fan of Japanese model whose name is Ebihara Yuri. She is very popular model in Japan, and her fashion style called Ebi chan style has exploded among Japanese university school girls.

Her style, Ebi chan style, has become very popular from a magazine called CanCan, which is a one of the most popular Japanese girls fashion magazine in Japan. By the way, Ebi literally means prawn in Japanese language.

Her style is more modern and clean Japanese girls.
As you can see, her skin color is very white. This is called Bi hayku, which means "white of beauty".

So, basically a lot of Japanese girls follow KoGal looking like Kouda kumi and change to Ebichan style when they start to go to a university in Japan.



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